• Steve Drozd of The Flaming Lips is a man of classic tastes. Tabernacle 4/2/2017

    Posted by Rotknee Leete

    Steven was kind enough to invite us to meet him in the green room at Tabernacle.. He gave us time to lay it all out for him.  He's got a great eye for style. In the end, he took the last all black ply Deck Specks Double Kinks we had.  Well played sir, well played.  Thanks for the face, welcome to the fam!

  • Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips at The Tabernacle 4/2/2017

    Posted by Chris Fitch

    Eternally cool front-man Wayne Coyne, of The Flaming Lips, spent the afternoon reminiscing about how much he loves Atlanta.  Showed him the A's newest product and he was immediately in!  Even wore 'em on stage to start the show!  Thank you sir, we are honored.

  • T.J. Miller coughs up the props in these purple wood grain Deck Speck Classics

    Posted by Rot Leete

    This has got to be one of my favorite ATL visitors of 2016.  TJ Miller is a force of nature.  One of the funniest, most genuine and generous folks I've ever had the chance to meet.  He fancies em purple and loves 'em in a Classic style.  Cheers to you Sir!  Thanks for the memories and the props!!

  • Tony Scott rocks the Deck Specks Classics lovely at the movies.

    Posted by Rot Leete

    Caught the Candy Man on a panel at a movie Con.  Tony Scott likes em, dark, lovely and in Classic form.  Say it three times..."Deck Specks, Deck Specks, Deck Specks". (Then send us $125 US) Thanks Tony, wear 'em well.

  • Michael K. Williams slays it in our Cherry Red Classics!

    Posted by Rot Leete

    Had the chance to work with MK on his second season series for Sundance channel.  Just as cool as you woulda thought he'd be.  LOVED the Deck Specks!  Says he loves the recycled graphics and the poppin colors in the woods.  Lemme sneak in to his trailer to get this one.  My favorite logo snag to date.  Thanks MK, you da man!